The Midnight Beast – O2 Academy Oxford – 24/08/11

Turning up in true ‘fan girl’ style hours before the gig was to commence I sat down in the huge queue that was forming where many a girl and boy sat with band t-shirts and personalised tops dedicated to The Midnight Beast, a British comedy band from London who became famous with their home made parody of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. Reaching a staggering 39,918,743 views on YouTube since December 2009, The Midnight Beast have a massive fan base all over the world consisting mainly of teenage girls obsessed with the three front men, Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne and their hilarious songs and videos.

Having seen the band at Underage I knew what kind of crowd to expect inside the O2 Academy in Oxford but nothing prepared me for the dedication from the fans, as I asked some girls how long they had been queuing who were at the front of the long line I was incredibly surprised by the reply of 6 hours having ‘set camp’ at 10am.

As the doors finally opened at 7pm, the sounds from the queue showed the excitement from all of the fans who had spent their day sitting around, meeting other TMB enthusiasts and singing many a track from The Midnight Beast’s repertoire. The first act to take to the stage was DJ Reuben, who got the crowd dancing to the likes of Katy B and DJ Fresh. It was obvious from the loud screams and clapping that the gig was going to be a rowdy night for all. DJ Reuben was then joined by Joe Setz who has recently been working with The Midnight Beast on some of his own tracks. Joe got the crowd heated up with rounds of “I say Midnight, you say Beast” which showed the desperate atmosphere, the fans wanted to see their beloved band.

After a short yet heavily anticipated wait, TMB took to the stage performing ‘Booty Call’ with an adoring audience singing along to every word. It was obvious from that moment on that the crowd really worshipped the band and with each song laughed along with the trio and screamed in excitement.

The Midnight Beast did not perform poorly, pulling out all the stops with dance routines, backing dancers and many costume changes and props, it was noticeable that TMB liked to put on a show that would not be forgotten. Stefan jumped around the stage singing into his mike and standing on amps close to the crowd making girls erupt into screams of joy, Dru had the spectators smiling and laughing at his rap in ‘Friends For Never’ and Ashley nearly stripped due to ‘OFF, OFF, OFF.’ cries from the crowd. Only The Midnight Beast could have a room of 200 teenagers jumping up and down to Rebecca Black’s single ‘Friday’, singing along to a song about lesbians, ‘Lez Be Friends’, and dancing the famous TMB ‘Dance Routine’.

The final song that TMB performed was their famous ‘Tik Tok Parody’ which Stefan began with audience participation, checking that everyone knew their words and not Ke$ha’s. As the crowd sang lines from the chorus the trio all stood on stage grinning and exchanging looks with one another, it was clear that they still get surprised by their dedicated fans. Everyone went crazy for the last song, dancing and jumping, singing and screaming, and not one member of the audience didn’t seem breathless when the song finished and loud applause erupted as the three singers said their goodbyes and thank you’s.

At the end of gig glancing around I could see girls and boys swapping stories and looking at pictures on cameras, everyone with massive grins on their faces, a great way for The Midnight Beast to finish their Wednesday Tour around the UK.