The Old Grinding Young – VIP Single

The Old Grinding Young features 2 members of the popular but now defunct 3 piece Ute. So are we in store for Ute mark 2? Clever word play? Check.  Great vocals delivery? Check. Perfectly placed backing vocals? Check. So far so good!

The only thing really missing is the drumming to provide a solid backbone to the tracks. There is no hint of the rhythmical delights and intricacies  we had become a custom to with their previous band. And due to this it does feel somewhat lacking in places.  What is contained and displayed on these recordings is extremely on point and yet again highlights a very high standard of songwriting.

The first track ‘Lately I’ve Been Seeing Stars’ is the only one to fully utilise drums. Albeit in a very sparse way. The heavy use of reverb works really well but it’s all too stripped back in my opinion. To really help drive the song on. The second track ‘The Queen’ starts in a very plain fashion, but we’re then treated to some brilliant abstract soundscapes fading in and out to provide an erie backdrop. It’s a lovely piece for which the only bad point is the the short length of the track.

‘King Canoe’ is again another short lived affair weighing in at only 1 minute 53 seconds long. And again the only bad thing is the short length. Which means the song doesn’t feel finished. If they can take the melodies, experimentation and excitement on display in this record and infuse them with some percussive rhythms I think they’ll be on to a winner.

All these tracks really do for me is highlight that there is something extremely special to look forward to in the future. The futures bright, it’s just unfortunately not now.



Released 25th April 2012 and is available for purchase here.