The Oxford Ambient Collective – The Unrequited

It’s trippy, it’s eerie, it’s futuristic, it’s The Oxford Ambient Collective’s album The Unrequited. Electronic music isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to genre, some would call it an acquired taste, however even an outsider can appreciate the talent that has gone into this album. This whole album feels like the backing track to some strange futuristic film, like their should be footage running over the noises that you hear, the music certainly does create a haunting ambience.

The music is very soft, easy on the ear, almost dreamlike at times. The album has no vocals but combines a host of instruments to create it’s strange effect and at times it sounds like a whole orchestra is playing to create the symphony. However, there is more to this album than meets the ear.

Despite what the name suggests The Oxford Ambient Collective consists only of a man named David Smith and almost every sound that is heard on the album was created through computers. Obviously, this is not as ground breaking as it would be in a different genre of music, but even with this considered it is extraordinary that one person can put an album like this together. Eight of the tracks on the album were created using just an Ipad and various apps. I have to admit when I first learned of the recording process of this album I was concerned. The idea of someone tucked away in a studio tapping away on their Ipad instead of playing a guitar or hitting drums, to me, seemed ridiculous.

Of course it is important to remember that this is an electro album, on top of that this is one man making the most of limited resources. Maybe when The Arctic Monkeys come on stage with an Ipad each it is time to be concerned. Despite the manner of its creation there does seem to be something very natural about the music itself. The whole album is almost like whale song, if whales had synthesizers and were trying to creep you out.



Released on 5th July 2011 by Kava Karvup