The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – ‘The Body’

On July 25th The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart will release their brand new single ‘The Body’. This will be the third single to be taken from their 2011 sophomore album, Belong, and will be released on Play It Again Sam.

Bursting onto the scene in 2009, like a cross between The Buzzcocks and Belle And Sebastian, the band had us hooked with the immediacy of their self-titled debut. Admittedly, Belong failed to match the Insta-Magic of the band’s innocently raw debut, opting for a far more polished sound.

‘The Body’ is very much rooted in the sound of the past. A romanticized vision of classic 80s guitar pop, complete with spacey synths, a very retro drum mix and TPOBPAH’s trademark vocal apathy. Unfortunately, not even the song’s ridiculous catchiness can save it from the fact that – unless its the kind of Soft-Rock recently explored by Destroyer, Bon Iver and John Grant – the 1980s is probably an era in musical production best left un-excavated. Instead of sounding nostalgic, the poppiness of the single leaves ‘The Body’ sounding over-cooked and distinctly cheesy. Much like the album as a whole, the sound and style of TPOBPAH in 2011 is very much a step backwards.



Watch the video underneath: