The Scholars – ‘Wired’

The Scholars have trimmed down recently. Not like they used to be heifers or anything, and have since shed the pounds to become super-slim, more that they have lost a couple of members. Once a five-piece, this is the band’s first release since scaling back to three. Unfortunately, this latest offering from the Oxford alt-rockers is nothing original, it is the sort of song that you immediately feel like you’ve heard before.

The guitars throughout are raucous and spirited, but the vocals are slightly lacking in conviction and the drums are rather formulaic. The lyrics, unfortunately, are somewhat below par; lines such as “Won’t you let me go now, you’re messing with my heart now” are fairly unimaginative. Sadly, there is not much around musically to compensate as the rest of the song is on much the same level.

Although it may be a bit same-y, this track does have its merits. For a start, it is extremely catchy and well crafted. The opening riff will set anyone’s foot tapping, and there is no denying that ‘Wired’ is full of energy, and the dark, Editors-like (a tag the band have carrying about their necks since day one), indie guitar rock will appeal to a lot of people.  It’s just a shame that there is nothing that makes this track special. It has potential, but it just doesn’t have that originality to lift it higher.

However, I have to make it clear that this is not a bad song. It does have the markings of a perfectly punchy pop song as it grows on you the more you listen to it. But the fact remains, it is not an exciting song. Musically, it lacks a spark, and that is what prevents it from being really great, as opposed to quite good. The Scholars are a group with plenty to give, we have always known that, and although their newest release may not be brilliant, the band have always been capable of knocking out a terrific pop tune. Let’s just hope that slimming down their numbers won’t slim down their potential.

Released on 8th October 2012