The Tallest Man On Earth On Your Telly

OK, first things first, if you’ve never heard of The Tallest Man On Earth you need to get you head around three facts. 1) He is not the tallest man on earth (in fact, I’m pretty sure he’s under 6 foot), 2) he plays acoustic guitar and has a slightly nasal, rasping voice but IS NOT a Bob Dylan imitator and 3) he could well be the most talented young folk singer on the planet right now.

His past two albums, Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt, were both perfect examples that music can still be invigorating and innovative despite relying purely upon one voice and one guitar. Kristian Matsson, born in Dalarna (Sweden), has a talent which shines through due to his ability to craft gloriously catchy songs, construct complex and moving poetry and deliver this all with more intensity and sincerity than most contemporary singer-songwriters put together.

The Tallest Man On Earth will soon be touring Europe but, here comes the bad news, there will only be one UK tour date; on May 19th he’ll perform at the o2 Shepherds Bush Empire. But son’t be too despondent, you can catch him on your tellybox! The Tallest Man On Earth will make his UK television debut on the first edition of the new series of Later… With Jools Holland on Tuesday April 5 at 10pm on BBC2.

Here’s the video for the song ‘Love Is All’ from his 2010 album The Wild Hunt:

Love Is All by The Tallest Man On Earth from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

One thought on “The Tallest Man On Earth On Your Telly”

  1. Marrow

    Lovely song and it is very Dylanish which can only be a good thing