This Town Needs Guns @ Jericho Tavern – 03/12/11

As a self confessed card-carrying punk rocker I’m the first to admit that This Town Needs Guns’ mathy-indie-poppy sound is not necessary right up my street, I knew that there would be no circle-pits or stage diving tonight. But the previous two times I’ve seen them, I’ve always enjoyed myself and left thoroughly impressed by the immense guitar work of Tim Collins and drumming of brother Chris. However this time the band just seemed a bit lacking, and to be honest I was some what let down.

Since I last saw TTNG’s supporting Oceansize at the O2, long time lead singer Stuart Smith left the band and has been replaced by Henry Tremain and I think that, that definitely has effected the bands live performance. Although Tremain proved himself an extremely capable singer, and totally nailed older Animals material he lacks the fun stage presence that Smith used to bring. The Collin brothers still rocked it and continue to prove just how amazing musicians they really are, with Tim’s double handing tapping being as impressive as ever.

Being Oxford natives, the band pulled a large crowd and were well received by the audience, one that included Smith in the audience, who unfortunately did not join the band for any songs. TTNG played a relativity quick set coming in at just about an hour, which included a few new songs that although sounded good did not stand up to Animals quality.

Overall the show was not amazing and as much as I really wanted to enjoy it, I did find myself getting bored and at times checking the time, which sucks because previously TTNG’s gigs have flown by too fast. I’m really hoping that over this tour and in time Herny Tremain will gel more with the band and develop a more captivating stage presence. One of my main problems with the night, and again this comes back to my punk rock roots, is that the band just didn’t seem to be trying or enjoying themselves that much at all. Then again I guess you don’t go to a This Town Needs Guns gig for show full of whirling, spitting, mosh-pits.

John Snelson Photography