Toliesel – ‘Brothers’ Live Video

Toliesel brothers

As recording continues for their follow-up EP, Toliesel have unveiled a live video for the song ‘Brothers’, the final track from their debut EP release Contours. Released last year via One Note Forever, Contours embraced shimmering guitar pop and rootsy Americana in equal measure.

The delicate compositions of songs such as ‘Whispered Half Asleep’ along with the interweaving guitar-lines and bittersweet vocals of ‘The Light’ signalled the bands love for melodic dream-pop, but ‘Brothers’ pointed to another side of Toliesel.

Nightshift Magazine pointed out, in their review of Contours, that the song’s “use of minor key, rather dour feel, some decent chunks of overdriven guitar and a song length that allows the piece to breathe”, capping off the EP with a wink at Toliesel’s potential for flexing their noise-rock muscles.

The video is part of the ‘Sessions in Focus’ series run by Studio Focus Recording and can be streamed above.