Trev Williams – Keep Singing EP

After releasing his first EP last month, I am expecting to hear great things from this Oxford based singer songwriter, Trev Williams. Having recently released his fresh and innovative EP named ‘Keep Singing’, we are introduced to four acoustic, very pop influenced tracks, including the recent Nightshift Demo Of The Month, ‘You Cut We Bleed’.

‘Keep Singing’, is obviously the most important number on the EP. The beautiful lyrics go together with the instrumentals immensely which create an extremely attractive sound. I like that an incorporation of harmony has been embedded into the song as it adds to the dreamy characteristics. This is a song I could listen to on repeat for hours.

‘In The Dark’ is quite a contrast in comparison to ‘Keep Singing’ as it is a lot more electronic. In this track, Trev demonstrates his amazing vocal range and you really get an idea of the strength behind his voice. This has to be my favourite track on the EP purely because of the much faster pace and the assortment of sounds.

Trev includes the use of repetition of his lyrics in the introduction of ‘You Cut We Bleed’ which makes the song enormously authoritative. ‘You Cut We Bleed’ is – refreshingly – a piano based song, adding welcome variation to the EP’s sound. I think that this difference between these tracks is highly necessary on this EP as it progresses the music and explores different melodies and emotion. The lyrics to this song are raw and highly moving.

Going back to the element of repetition, ‘Happy Song’ is smothered. The just-over three minute track represents a balanced mixture of dreamy determination (the dreamy sensation from the ‘pop’ style guitar chords and the determination from the lyrics and the wonder that is Trev William’s voice). Rather obviously, ‘Happy Song’ is steeped in minor chords and sombre spirit, nevertheless,  this is a good EP and I look forward to hearing more from Trev Williams.