Truck Festival Review – Sunday 24th July

Without doubt, one of the best features of Truck 14 was the Clash Tent, curated by three of the UK’s best independent record labels, each line-up was a showcase of each respective labels fast rising stars as well as some of their more legendary names. The day which had most people excited was Sunday’s Bella Union extravaganza, and although their was no Fleet Foxes, Low Anthem, Explosions In The Sky, The Walkmen (damn, Bella Union are a sick record label!), the artists on show were more than capable of representing one of the country’s finest and most historic indie labels.

Elsewhere on Sunday, the Truck Store curated a day of music in the Last FM Tent featuring sets from future stars Tribes and old heads (well, old in indie terms anyway) Pete And The Pirates. Over on the Main Stage, punters eagerly anticpated sets from the ever energetic The Go! Team, folk-tronic pioneers Tunng and, perhaps a bit self-congratulatory for my liking, a headline set from the festival organisers The Dreaming Spires.

The day was long, but not long enough. Punters were bedraggled, but braying for more. It seems a real shame that with Truck 14 being one of the best, it also appears as if it may be the last. Check out our reviews of Friday and Saturday at this year’s Truck too, if you haven’t already!

Cashier No. 9 – Clash Tent, 12:30

Cashier No. 9 Truck Fesitval

Set Highlight: Big Bristol Jeff dancing for all of the hung-over Truckers present
Truck 14-word Summary: Epic Irish jingle jangle crescendo chasing away the last remnants of the morning’s hangover. MS

Lanterns On The Lake – Clash Tent, 13:30

Lanterns On The Lake Truck Festival

Highlight: Extensive use of a bowed guitar
Summary: Think Sigur Ros, but beautiful female vocalist. Ethereal, haunting and uplifting. Exquisitely composed music. MS

Treelight For Sunlight – Clash Tent, 14:30

Treefight For Sunlight Truck Festival

Highlight: A pitch-perfect cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, only sung by a grown man.
Summary: The happiest Danes alive. Bee-Gee like harmonies juxtaposing chilling guitar and piano melodies. CK

Tribes – Last FM Tent, 16:40

Tribes Truck Festival

Highlight: The explosive, anthemic performance of ‘We Were Children’.
Summary: My Bloody Valentine meets Libertines. Addictive, sexy, grungey, sluggish. Good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. CK

Tunng – Main Stage, 18:30

Tunng Truck Festival

Highlight: Mike Lindsay’s delectable guitar solo while sporting Dame Edna glasses and all the many sound effects.
Summary: Quieter songs were sacrificed for this live set which flowed seamlessly at high tempo. CM

Philip Selway – Clash Tent, 19:15

Philip Selway Truck Festival

Highlight: During the last song, Philip and his backing band gathered round the drum kit to collectively finish the set in true rhythmic fashion
Summary: Chilled out set from the Radiohead Drummer, whose entourage included a musical-saw player, rock’n’roll! CC

The Go! Team – Main Stage, 19:45

The Go! Team Truck Festival

Highlight: The set finishing… The singer had all the annoying energy of some kind of Aerobic instructor-cum-Cbeebies presenter who won’t stop shouting at you through a megaphone at five in the morning when all you want to do is go back to bed and sleep off your rapidly worsening hangover.
Summary: Honestly, they were so GODDAM-ANNOYING I never got around to actually reviewing their music. CC

John Grant – Clash Tent, 20:45

John Grant Truck Festival

Highlight: The crowd’s rendition of a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for the big man himself.
Summary: Big bear crooner turned straight men gay with a chocolate coated voice of honey. MS

Dreaming Spires – Main Stage, 21:30

The Dreaming Spires Truck Festival

Highlight: Good crowd turn out.
Summary: Inoffensive country-esque rock from Truck festival organisers Robin and Joe Bennett’s current outfit. CC

Truck All Stars – Clash Tent, 22:30

Truck All Stars Truck Festival

Highlight: Ended the festival on a feel-good high note.
Summary: Full rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s seminal album Rumours, from a plethora of great musicians. CC

Words by Matt Simpkin, Callum McCulloch, Caroline Corke and Charlotte Krol. Photography by Ian Taylor, Carolina Faruolo, Derek Bremner and Pooneh Ghana.