Truffle Shuffle #3: Secret Rivals

Welcome to the third installment of our Truffle Shuffle series where we meet up with an Oxford band, sit them down, crack out the iPod and hit “shuffle” in order to sample a tiny, potentially misrepresented, morsel of their musical world. We discuss the importance (or perhaps insignificance) of the first six tracks which appear on a Shuffle All Songs playlist. This week is the turn of punky power-pop tykes Secret Rivals. Shouty and noisy or surprisingly wet? Let’s find out!

1. Foals – ‘The French Open’

“Well fancy that, how fitting we open with Foals, I must admit although not a fan of their more recent work (and yes im certain I stand fairly alone on this view) I was and still am a fan (give or take) of Antidotes. This is actually probably my preferred track from the record as it goes, ‘Big Big Love’, ‘Red Socks Pugie’, ‘Cassius’ and ‘Two Steps, Twice’ still get spins in Rival Towers on occasions. Total Life Forever wasnt for me though, taking nothing away from it and I know its a massive record to a lot of folk round these here parts. Call me a philistine but I much prefere the anti-pop instant feel to their early stuff.”

2. Johnny Foreigner – ‘Our Bipolar Friends’

“Ah thats more like it…Johnny Forigner at their very best! We’ve all always been big fans of J-Fo in camp Rival (is that obvious? heh) This band has ALWAYS been superior to Los Camp for me; split vocals, clever lyrics, punky riffs and songs that set like wood rot in your brain. Grace And The Bigger Picture (which this track features on) I would argue is the finest “Fight Pop” record you could wish to hear. Really looking forward to seeing them at Truck this year!”

3. Jay-Z/Kanye West– ‘Hate’

“”We’re killing the game it’s not fair”. Well quite Kanye. Not much to say about this other than TUUUUUUNE! We love heart Jigga massively! Watch The Throne album of 2011? Hard to argue!”

4. Brand New – ‘You Wont Know’

“Another one of my faves! This going well for me thus far! This is without doubt the record (The God And The Devil Are Raging Inside Me) I listened to most in 2011. Lyrically Jesse is a bit of a hero to me, they’re dark, they’re poppy, they’re extremely heavy and gorgeously delicate…I cant recommend this album enough!”

5. Lupe Fiasco – ‘Superstar’

“Hmmmm? OK, a bit dodge admittedly but, as we’ve covered, were all BIG fans of Kanye/Jay-Z and Lupe came at the time highly recommend by the Roccafella family (I love his verse on Kanyes ‘Touch The Sky’) listening to it again now it IS still a tune, Mr Hudsons silky unmistakable British (Sting?!?) vocal is always nice to hear. Hey I’d rather Hudson than a Sugababe or Emeli bloody Sande!”

6. Skrillex – ‘Breakin A Sweat’

“To be fair, it’s our Clouds who is the mad “dub head” in Secret Rivals, so I thought I would invest in some of it just to keep on trend. To be fair I actually rate Skrillex, I find the ‘drops’ a bit much at times but, as I say, Clouds adores this so I shall not say anything too critical…..he pretty much has 2012 wrapped up already so best to get on side isn’t it!?!”

Secret Rivals will release their new EP Make Do And Mend (Part 2) on the 28th of May. You can catch them live at their next show on Sunday 29th April at The Wheatsheaf.