Truffle Shuffle #4: Gunning For Tamar

gunning for tamar

Once again, it’s time to delve deep into the mp3 archives of another local band and discover what musical nuggets inhabit the dark corners of their iPod. This time it’s the turn of Gunning For Tamar, a band who are very much making a claim for Oxford’s standout/breakthrough artist of the year. European tours, signed to Alcopop! Records, it all seems to be going well for them, but let’s see if their fine reputation will remain intact after this little interview! If there’s any Justin Bieber in there, I’m going straight to their label to inform them of the bad news. Interview conducted with guitarist Dan Pollard.

1.  Manchester Orchestra – ‘Jimmy, He Whispers’

“This is Manchester Orchestra at their darkest and most atmospheric, the track has a real tension throughout. You definitely should never listen to it to relax, the drawn out synth note in the middle just puts you on edge. Something I love about Andy Hull is how aware he is of his own voice, even down to the words he uses. I think parts of the rhyme scheme in this song have the potential to sound ridiculous but with his southern drawl end up sounding amazing.”

2. Brand New – Untitled

“My mp3 player has a habit of picking the interlude-type tracks if you put it on shuffle, this is an instrumental from The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. Nothing much happens but it’s quite pretty and works really well in the context of the album, which is one of my all time favourites. Probably one of the only Brand New songs you can put on and I won’t have the urge to sing along to every word due to the lack of lyrics.”

3. At The Drive-In – ‘Sleepwalk Capsules’

“At their best  they make raw, rough edged tracks that audibly fizz with energy but still manage to get stuck in your head. This is an excellent example of that. I also almost never know what he’s on about lyrically, but that manages to add to ATDI’s charm rather than take away from it which unfortunately has happened with The Mars Volta in recent years.”

4. Glassjaw – ‘Tip Your Bartender’

“We were listening to this in the van recently and D’Arcy described it as ‘the soundtrack to many an angsty night out’. I can’t really argue with that but it’s still great. Such a huge chorus and the fact that they go from an unrelentingly noisy breakdown to a key change into the last chorus is some sort of insane brilliance, must be the only key change in the history of the world that I like.”

5. Three Trapped Tigers – ‘Reset’

“I’m so looking forward to seeing these guys in the Barn at Truck, they create such a dense sound, I can’t wait to see how they do it live. They’re definitely not a band for the impatient, it often takes a few listens for their tracks to reveal themselves but once you’re in they don’t let go.”

6. Kanye West – ‘Who Will Survive In America’

“Honestly, this track annoys me. I love Gil Scott Heron’s voice but it feels like Kanye has sampled the bits from his ‘Comment No 1.’ monologue that sound the most like his own sexualised, political gibberish. I do love this album though and ‘Yeezy’ is officially a nutter, a very entertaining nutter, so I can forgive him.”

Gunning For Tamar released their Time Trophies EP earlier this year on Alcopop! Records and will be playing a special chairty gig at the Bullingdon Arms on Thursday 7th June