Twenty Twenty – ‘Love To Life’

Essex born brothers, Sam and Jack Halliday, and drummer Sonny Watson-Lang formed Twenty Twenty a mere two years ago and after touring as support to chart-juggernaut, The Saturdays and new boys on the pop-block, The Wanted, they have just released their first major label single, ‘Love To Life’.

Their debut release is a mixture of pop-punk instrumentation and breathy British vocals. This is a punchy track that smacks of “Diet” 30 Seconds To Mars that will no doubt please teenage gig-goers across the nation. I am sure that this band of boyish bards will certainly have plenty of knickers and training bras flung their way, but their paint-by-numbers song writing will only last them so long.

The lyrics are trite and the melody unimaginative. Twenty Twenty’s tender years undermine any vain hope that this isn’t merely a collection of rhyming couplets. It really is. This doesn’t even appear to be inspired by any kind of youthful angst or puppy-love, this really does just seem to be an attempt to make music for teenyboppers to throw money at and dance along to, with no real concern for semantics.

Twenty Twenty are known to have a large social media fan base (over 21,000 followers and 68,000 likes) and look to turn their online success into actual success. My money is that they won’t. “We’ve wasted too much time”, they sing, a sentiment I feel is shared by the majority of listeners whose ears are invaded by this song.

Maybe I’m being far too glib about the whole thing. After all, there are success stories of bowl-cutted, pre-pubescents making it all the way to the top with their ‘Never Say Never’ attitude. This time, however, I’m not sure this will be anything more than the song a handful of school leavers get felt up to in a parents’ bedroom of some post-GCSE piss up.

Twenty Twenty release, what they have dubbed, a mini-album [isn’t this called an EP?] Small Talk on the 25th of April, so don’t forget to rush out and buy that too.