Club Night Preview: Vaudeville Rave @ The Regal

Vaudeville Rave is celebrating their second birthday at the Regal this Saturday with a non-Valentines day ‘Lust’ special. Mike Rack – one of the founders of Vaudeville Rave – describes his influences behind the night and what scandalous behaviour we can expect this time…

As a circus performer and DJ (one half on Dutty Moonshine) Mike has immersed himself in two very different circuits.  Firstly the dance scene; namely Drum and Bass and Breakbeat, and secondly; the cabaret and circus scene. He has fused the two to create the magical extravaganza that is Vaudeville Rave (VR).

Mike explains, “The key was to bring the sound of the 1920s to the clubbing life. It combines the ever-progressing music of the modern clubbing generation with the time of when variety entertainment was very popular.”

Initially, this incorporated some obscene, peculiar, yet strangely alluring musical styles which have been somewhat downtrodden with the fast emergence of electro-swing. For example, genres such as gypsy jazz and clowncore sometimes sneak their way in. Electro-swing has nevertheless taken its stand as VR’s most prominent and congenial style, providing an infectious soundtrack for the later hours of the evening.

For some of you, electro-swing may be a fairly new concept. Here’s Mikes definition for the book: “Electro- swing is swing music that has been electronically or digitally mastered in any way. Whether you have a hip-hop rhythm and swing melodies or swing samples or a swing track with hip-hop a Capella over the top. Tracks that have been around for ages that are now suddenly termed electro-swing, like Bassment Jaxx’s ‘Do Your Thing’. Before the term Electro-Swing was adopted and accepted as a genre in itself, names such as Swing n Bass and even Tech-swing were thrown around!”

VR focused more on the music at the Halloween Ball last October, boasting names such as The Correspondents, The Puppini Sisters and Dutty Moonshine – who has a big studding in electro swing world. This event however is specialising more in cabaret and walk-about acts (although with a new sound system I’m sure there won’t be any skimping on the tunes.)

Mike assures us “It’s not girls in bikinis waving their bums in the air” Not this time! Well not entirely. If you would take a moment and step with me into the VR time machine… let yourself be whizzed off to Jekyll and Hyde’s laboratory or Sweeney Todd’s barbers’ shop (I hasten to add he will be armed with scissors to chop off those carefully crafted moustaches from the most unsuspecting victims – beware!). You might even venture as far as to solve a crime with Holmes and Watson.

I ask Mike what will we be wistfully witnessing on the stage this lusty saturday?

“Think raunchy decadent debauchery.” A taster you ask? Picture a ripped, hench male performing a Chinese pole act, a homoerotic 2-man acrobatic act, a dominatrix Fire Tango. There will be hilarity, vulgarity and absolute bedlam with contagious, toe-tapping tunes to match.

So what other delights does VR have up its crisp, cuff-linked sleeve for this year’s un-Valentine’s day?

“The BBC is coming to film a documentary on the new swing vibe, electro-swing and cabaret movement returning in full force.” Dutty Moonshine are also filming first part of a music video, so if you want to become eternalised on film, don your best outfit and get yourself to the Regal.

Artists for the iPod: Parov stelar, Caravan Palace, Kormac, Swing Republic, The Movits, Gramophonedzie, Yolanda be Cool

ELECTRO SWING ON THIS by Dutty Moonshine

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If you want to buy tickets for this weekend’s Vaudeville Rave, you can so by clicking on the WeGotTickets link below, tickets cost £15 each: