A solitary cosmonaut getting spacey to make music to space out to, Viscous Liquid create sepia toned dream-pop full of pensive desire and trippy nostalgia. Hailing from the Thames Valley region, suitably the birthplace of UK shoegaze, and now residing in London, Viscous Liquid have already circulated two self-released EPs that have been the subject of much interest on several digital publications.

Viscous Liquid’s self-recorded, self-titled debut EP used a palette of sound synonymous with the British shoegaze movement of the early 90s; colossal walls of distorted guitars, ethereal vocals blurred into a mire of noise, and a bracing ocean of reverb. Their second EP – Songs for Jealous Lovers – was self-released digitally in early 2014 and physically by One Note Forever Records in Sept 2014. The EP plunges feet-first into a glassy ocean of shoegaze sounds and 60s surf-pop swells, transporting listeners back to a hazy era of Californian surf, an idealised age of sun, sex and drugs.

Viscous Liquid make real the sound of dreams and fantasy, of noise and anxiety, and turn them into a near-palpable feeling that is tranquilly nostalgic and utterly invigorating.