Visions Of Trees Interview

London electronic duo Visions Of Trees have been creating a dark, hypnotic buzz in London with their hazy RnB inspired electronica. Ahead of their gig at the Ashmolean Museum tomorrow night (sharing a line-up with Oxford’s own Spring Offensive), we caught up with Joni from the band to chat about the Notting Hill Arts Club, the London music scene and future plans for a new album. You can see the band play at the Ashmolean tomorrow night as part of the museum’s Late Night event, and they have also confirmed a gig at the Jericho Tavern on October 20th.

One Note Forever: This Friday you’ll be playing at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Are you excited about playing deep in the belly of Britain’s oldest museum? Have you ever played in a setting like this before?

Joni Juden: Nah,  we’ve never played a museum before but looking forward to it.

OMB: The event is being hosted by the Notting Hill Arts Club. Have you worked with each other in the past at all? How important an institution is the NHAC for London artists?

JJ: We’ve played there once before but we’re based in East London and dont really venture that far West and I think I’ve also lost my photo ID so i couldn’t even get in any more!

OMB: For those attending Friday’s event who have never encountered Visions Of Trees before can you please explain your sound and aesthetic and where you pull your influences from?

JJ: A half an hour of darkness. We draw influences from each other, commercial pop music and black metal.

OMB: You create a sound perfectly suited for a live environment, how much does your live sound stray from that of your recorded output?

JJ:Our live stuff tends to be a bit faster and a lot noisier.

OMB: As far as big ponds go, London must seem like an ocean of electronic music. Where do you see your music fitting into the London scene? Which other London artists do you particular admire and enjoy playing alongside?

JJ: We dont see ourselves as part of any scene and we dont really think about stuff like that too much. We’re retty into Becoming Real right now and TEETH are fun too.

OMB: What are you plans for the immediate future and where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

JJ: We’re putting out a single in early October and then start working on an album which should come out early next year. Oh and we’re playing at a museum in Oxford on Friday!