WATERS Album Launch

Lo-fi country rock is pretty difficult to get right. Band Of Horses got it spot on with their debut Everything All The Time as well as on the follow-up release Cease To Begin. Their third album, Infinite Arms, however missed the mark. The album was over polished, lacking variety and, all in all, a fairly flaccid attempt at progress. Album opener ‘Factory’ was an altogether insipid declaration of their intent from the off, and left you yearning for those luscious opening bars of ‘The First Song’. I’ll never forget hearing that track for the first time and being blown away (over eagerly announcing to my friends in 6th form that I had discovered the new Flaming Lips). A feat recently matched by Van Pierszalowski’s (formerly Port O’Brien) new musical adventure; WATERS

I instantly wanted to hear more from WATERS after just 20 seconds of my first taste, ‘O Holy Break Of Day’; the reverb ridden guitar sound with that little bit of dirtiness, the Neil Young-esque lead guitar motif and Van Pierszalowski’s high pitched yelping, all these elements combined couldn’t have been more pleasing to my ears. With their debut album, Out In The Light, released on September 19th there are a couple of other WATERS releated dates before then to pop in your diary. September 12th will see the single release of the track, and album opener, ‘For The One’, and on Tuesday 13th September they will be playing at The Old Blue Last in London to celebrate the coming of their debut release.

Underneath is a rather odd attempt at “going viral” from Van the Man himself in order to promote Tuesday’s show. If you can, be there!