Week Tracks #5

One of the best guitar bands of this generation, Deerhunter have released a new song called ‘Monomania’ and, thankfully, Bradford Cox and crew aren’t abandoning the guitar noise just yet, if anything, Deerhunter have returned with a considerable snarl and scratchiness. The track is taken from their impending album of the same name, set for release in May. Other songs which have dazzled us this week include Joanna Newsom-esque beauty from Jenny Hval, 60s psych-inspired Halasan Bazar, slacker dream-pop from Jackson Scott, and a bit of soul infected hip-hop from The Child of Lov.

1. Deerhunter – ‘Monomania’ (TRACK OF THE WEEK)

2. Jenny Hval – ‘Mephisto In The Water’

3. Halasan Bazar – ‘You And I’

4. Jackson Scott – ‘That Awful Sound’

5. The Child Of Lov – ‘Fly’