Weekend – Red EP

Imagine, if you will; walking towards a stage from a far at a festival; the band in question is giving it all. Muffled voices start becoming clearer as do the instruments; everything seems to make more sense as you edge closer to grab a piece of the action. Red, the new EP from San Francisco based band Weekend does exactly this.

The opener ‘Sweet Sixteen’ keeps the distortion driven sound the band pushed in their previous LP, Sports but with a much more well thought out approach; in particular to the attention to detail on the production. ‘Hazel’ and ‘Your Own Nothing’ keep the groove moving and make you want to bop. Let’s hope that this is a clear indication of sounds they incorporate in a forthcoming album. The final two tracks, ‘The One You Want’ and ‘Golfers’ bring you back to a reverent feeling, which can be found in this alternative rock genre.

A simple search across iTunes for similar bands to Weekend will point you in the direction of No Age and Crystal Stilts, two more American bands who are capturing a similar take to Weekend. However, where they differ and in my opinion, succeed to a certain degree above Weekend is in the use of lyrics, which is often the base of an immediate “like” factor to a track. The use of reverb in ‘The One You Want’ is verging on over use and is definitely something that will only grow on you after a few listens.

There is a huge amount of a variety in this set and it will be interesting to see the direction that Weekend take. They are obviously eager to explore as many channels as possible before embarking on recording a new album. The sudden explosion of over-distortion and white-noise is a good sign to see that Weekend are heading in the right direction.



Released on 20th September 2011 by Slumberland Records