Younghusband – Crystal EP

In what would appear to be a homage to the trippy gig posters of the late 60s, the cover artwork of this EP – a vivid blue and red image of a hand cradling a crystal set against a swirling abstract backdrop – invites the suspicion that the music within is likely to be an exercise in psychedelic genre pastiche. While they have obviously been influenced by the music of the 60s, Younghusband have deftly assimilated many waves of music between then and now, including the shoegaze of the late 80s and the indie rock of the 90s, creating a seamless reimagining of these influences that goes beyond mere facsimile. 

First track ‘Tropic Of Cancer’ begins with a crackle of fearsome feedback, suggesting a torrent of distorted guitars is about to hit you round the head, only to be left confounded by a sudden shift into a dream of melodic jangle, not dissimilar to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Meanwhile, the warped guitars, droning keys and rainy day moan of singer Euan Hinshelwood on ‘Constantly In Love’ brings to mind a more upbeat version of My Bloody Valentine. On final track the beautiful, propulsive ‘Reunion Message’, guitars swim in reverb and the heavily processed vocals weave in and out of the heady mix.

Hopefully frontman and bandleader Euan Hinshelwood will be able to find enough time away from his day job as a member of Emmy The Great in order to record a full album, because if the standard of songwriting displayed on this EP and last summer’s ‘Carousel/Nothing Nothing’ 7-inch is anything to go by, things look very promising for Younghusband.



Released on 21st November 2011 by Sonic Cathedral