Your Image On The Next Epstein Release

Even in this digital age, the cover art for any release can be highly influential as to how people percieve, engage with, and ultimately hear the music it represents.

Local americana stalwarts The Epstein certainly seem aware of this; one glance upon the gorgeous Band Of Horses-esque cover art for their fantastic I Held You Once EP released back in March and you are made instantly aware of the direction the band have taken as it acts as a suitable addition to the music itself, heightening the songs within.

For their latest release, The Epstein are trying something a little different; Calling Out Your Name is expected to be released soon and could feature your photograph. Send in your beautiful, striking or unusual image or photo and it could adorn their latest release.

All entries should be sent to where they will be considered.

The release is highly anticipated and knowing that the cover art may come from an aspiring Oxford artist or photographer just makes the prospect even more interesting.